# Tuesday, April 06, 2010

If you like SpiderLoop and understand it’s ingenuity have we got some technology based investment projects for you.

  1. We are currently developing an online MMORPG game that incorporates social bookmarking – social interaction and communication, One on one battle, story line, quests, mini games, treasure hunts, website traffic analysis, and traffic delivery.
    We are seeking angel investors for this project at a minimum of $50,000.00. Investors will receive a board seat and 7% preferred stock. We have already raised $50,000.00 for this project and have a promise of $50,000.00 more we can offer two more opportunities.
  2. Seeking a single investor for a social network like no other. Investor will receive a board seat and 25% preferred stock.
  3. Investment opportunity for new search engine based on “psychological evaluation” brand exists http://www.yalga.com, completely new delivery system for PPC easily and quickly developed. board seat and 25% of preferred stock.


Other exit strategies can be discussed.

If you are intrigued and want more information feel free to contact me.

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