# Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As I watched the space shuttle land this morning, I had a revelation. A moment of clarity impressed upon me that there are no social marketing gurus and that we needed a better description. Why? Because social marketing is so very very new that calling someone a guru is just plain wrong. The field is still being built. We have no idea where social marketing will be 5 years from now let alone next month. So I think those we respect in the industry should be called social marketing astronauts as they are exploring a great unknown and are constantly coming back with new information. Some of the self proclaimed gurus have their head in the clouds and that works as well.

Remember social marketing may be what drives the web in the future but it’s still shifting and settling and it may be a lot of years before the dust clears.

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# Monday, April 19, 2010

Ok I admit it I’m a twitter user. I usually despise social networking if for no other reason then it’s completely useless time wasting drivel. I’m a happily married guy so I have absolutely no use for spying on girls with “sexy” in their profile. I find most people to be too wrapped up in themselves to be worth listening to, and I don’t really like to hear myself talk, so what value is a social network to me?

I could be just another twitter marketer who uses twitter as an outlet for link building and I do to some extent, but what has really got me is the ability to find other people in my industry ( Search Engine Optimization ) who actually know some stuff, and are willing to post a bit about what they know.

Research is the #1 most important thing you can do in the SEO industry, about half of any good SEO guru’s job every week is researching marketing trends and changes, and freaking Twitter has become invaluable to me for just that. I’ve cut my time in half now with the creation of the SpiderLoop SEO MEME that aggregates much of my work every day and my SEO I Trust list on Twitter I’ve got my daily research down to an hour.

So social networking may not be that bad, and I’ll grant that many people got there before me. Just use your head and don’t whittle away a whole day, it’s entirely too easy to drop important things while tweeting your fingers to the bone.

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