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checking trackbacks this is a link to stechdoes

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# Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now that’s funny stuff. I appreciate a sense of humor when it comes to SEO we all need one.


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What a concept! A social network that values security above all else? That’s a switch. http://www.imantisocial.com

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# Thursday, April 22, 2010

I just got off the phone with a potential client of SpiderLoop SEO control panel, SEO_MEMEand I was astounded by the conversation. I didn’t have to educate him on what we do. He had done his homework. I didn’t have to show him 100 different results that SpiderLoop had achieved like I usually do. He had already researched them. I didn’t have to show him the SpiderLoop MEME.

He was already using it. I didn’t even have to convince him that SpiderLoop is safe. He was already familiar with the search engine guidelines and how SpiderLoop fell into those guidelines. What I had to convince him of was why SpiderLoop is so affordable (he used the word cheap but I hate that word).

For two and a half hours we went around about what the catch is. “Do I have to pay for upgrades?” He asks. “No” I say. Do I have to pay for support? He asks. “No” again I say. “Do I have to market more then one keyword?” He queries. “No but you should” I retort. “So what’s the catch?” he asks for the tenth time. “I’m sorry sir, I really don’t think there is one.” I say.

“You can’t get SEO software for $1.00 a month that works” he says. I politely reply “Would you like me to show you some examples?”spiderloop_stats “No” he says “I’ve already seen them”. 

I get questions like this frequently, this isn’t my first time, but it’s always hard to reconcile. I almost believe that if we raised our prices we would sell more units, but I can’t bring myself to do it. The idea of automating SEO safely, scientifically, and affordably is no longer a holy grail, it just is.

The only catch (to some people) is that you have to be on a Windows server rather then a UNIX box but to me that’s a plus. It’s not more expensive to be on a Windows server and you get the option of using a lot more dynamic programming types including ASP.NET. SpiderLoop works. And yes it even works at $1.00 per month, though most SpiderLoop clients are using 50 keywords or more.

We are constantly upgrading SpiderLoop and adding new features, and yes they are all included in your license. If you have to call and ask questions be my guest our number is listed all over the site. SpiderLoop is here to stay and it will always remain affordable. Let the greedy SEO’s continue to charge $2000.00 a month and do very little. Sooner or later even they will have to concede that automated with a touch of human element is the way to go.

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# Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As I watched the space shuttle land this morning, I had a revelation. A moment of clarity impressed upon me that there are no social marketing gurus and that we needed a better description. Why? Because social marketing is so very very new that calling someone a guru is just plain wrong. The field is still being built. We have no idea where social marketing will be 5 years from now let alone next month. So I think those we respect in the industry should be called social marketing astronauts as they are exploring a great unknown and are constantly coming back with new information. Some of the self proclaimed gurus have their head in the clouds and that works as well.

Remember social marketing may be what drives the web in the future but it’s still shifting and settling and it may be a lot of years before the dust clears.

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# Monday, April 19, 2010

We just got a new client debtdonkeys.com. I’m not going to link it because it’s not done but I’ve learned so much from this client I can’t help but make some comments.

I’m not in debt and never have been because I don’t like the credit card companies or really anybody who wants to charge me interest on my money. The only loan I’ve ever had was when I was 21 and “had” to have a 300zx (does that date me?).

I’ve always wondered why my credit score wasn’t higher because I’m completely debt free and make a reasonable salary so why the hell should my credit score be low? Right? I find out it’s because I’m not in debt! Did you know the credit agencies rank you higher if you don’t make your payments exactly on time and you carry a debt balance? Yup that’s right they know they can make money off of you so they will give you a bigger credit limit.

It really sickens me to think that the credit companies have that much power over most of America, if you’re not in bed with them you don’t count and if you are in bed with them you have a high credit score but you are paying an average of 17% of your income for it.

so here is my guide to living debt free.

  • Don’t buy it if you don’t have the money in your pocket (or bank account). This goes for cars, boats, houses (I rent), clothes, gas, cable, furniture, computers, etc, etc, etc.
  • Be patient I finally bought a used (new to me) car 3 months ago that I expect to get another 150,000 miles out of but I drove a used Lexus into the ground (smoking, rattling, and chugging) before I could afford the $3000.00 cash to get this one. I drove the old one to business meetings, school, the grocery store, whatever and if someone commented on it I’d ask “so what are your monthly payments?”
  • Value your money. One of the worst things that credit has done to this country is devalued your currency. I’m not talking about the value of a dollar vs the euro I’m talking about how you personally see a dollar. A dollar with credit is only worth $0.71 without credit it’s worth $1.00 and maybe even $1.28 if you consider that everyone else dollar is only worth $0.71 because they are maxed out with credit card fees.
  • Don’t take stupid deals because it’s easy. The days of kicking tires seems to be over, stop buying things just because someone tells you it’s a good deal and offers you 0% financing for a year. Check prices and buy carefully, and used with cash if you can.
  • Live without a high credit score. Screw them, you don’t need their little badge of credibility. I’m proud of my null credit score because I got it by being smart with my money, frugal with my purchases, and honest with myself.

I have tons more to say but not enough time and this really doesn’t fit my blog content. I hope it helps a few. Good luck

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Ok I admit it I’m a twitter user. I usually despise social networking if for no other reason then it’s completely useless time wasting drivel. I’m a happily married guy so I have absolutely no use for spying on girls with “sexy” in their profile. I find most people to be too wrapped up in themselves to be worth listening to, and I don’t really like to hear myself talk, so what value is a social network to me?

I could be just another twitter marketer who uses twitter as an outlet for link building and I do to some extent, but what has really got me is the ability to find other people in my industry ( Search Engine Optimization ) who actually know some stuff, and are willing to post a bit about what they know.

Research is the #1 most important thing you can do in the SEO industry, about half of any good SEO guru’s job every week is researching marketing trends and changes, and freaking Twitter has become invaluable to me for just that. I’ve cut my time in half now with the creation of the SpiderLoop SEO MEME that aggregates much of my work every day and my SEO I Trust list on Twitter I’ve got my daily research down to an hour.

So social networking may not be that bad, and I’ll grant that many people got there before me. Just use your head and don’t whittle away a whole day, it’s entirely too easy to drop important things while tweeting your fingers to the bone.

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# Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need some twitter material? Just click the new twitter links on SpiderLoop meme and instantly twitter the news.

We’ve also added the links to the SpiderLoop marketing package check out this page you can tweet any of the news just by clicking the twitter link next to the twitter icon, FaceBook too.

Fun, easy, fast and makes a difference what more could you want?

SpiderLoop meme ranks of first page of Goog for “SEO meme” today. Took less then a week. What keywords could you rank on with the new MEME plug-in for SpiderLoop?

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# Saturday, April 10, 2010
SpiderLoop releases new software. The SEO meme. This software aggregates, sorts, displays and archives RSS and ATOM news.
See it working at http://meme.spiderloop.com
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